Become a CN1699
Media Partner

Join us to make your media channel stronger
  • If you meet the following terms, you are the partner CN1699 is looking for:
  • Facebook or other social media platform medical community owner
  • Secretary-General of any medical or health association
  • Medical media or medical journal editor
  • Partner specific requirements:
  • Deep understanding of the advertising system
  • With strong communication skills and news writing ability; an industry expert
  • Posses an active community organization ability, and already have a successful local community
  • Passionate, compelling and success driven
Cooperate and share resources and work content with cn1699:

1. Deliver common CN1699 brand image and distribute the manuscript in their own group​

2. Press release cooperation, global mutual distribution​

3. Advertising exchange and cooperation​

4. Cooperation in publishing papers and periodicals​

5. Trade cooperation, global sourcing and purchasing agent