CN1699 Our Business - Guide for Agents

  • CN1699 Our Business Marketing Core:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Online exhibition hall
  • Periodical paper publication
  • Speaker recommendation
  • Media coverage and interaction

The specific steps, methods and procedures of the partner economist:

Recognize the characteristics of media in special industries.

The particularity of the medical industry, the brand, and product marketing of medical companies have two main lines:

A. Online: Improve product online channels exposure to accurate audience.

B. Offline: Proof of  product quality and brand image which requires professional and vertical channels, including credit and trustworthiness, keywords of the medical industry.

A. Show customers the value of joining CN1699.COM and promote the membership services of CN1699.COM

Tools supporting CN1699 membership services are shown below:

  • CN1699 Member Permission – defines features open to each membership types.

  • The Trading Tools – tools used for managing a members account from posting products to creating brand stories or company news.

  • Submitting a buying request via the buying request form.

  • Sending quotations to other members via the quotation form

B. Provide value-added services to help customers settle in and arrange their own exhibition halls.

  • The company showroom – a representation of the company with company details.

  • Sample of a company who joined CN1699.


The CN1699 platform often has two core tasks:

1. Information release and sharing:

Assist customers to publish multi-lingual corporate news, videos and products in the exhibition hall (content provided by customers).

Note: If you have the ability to write soft articles and news, you can write for customers with given permission from them.

  • Creating an article via news creation form

2. Online inquiry and trade matching agent:

The CN1699 Platform is embedded with CRM functions  that supports the sales process including online enquiry, bidding & tendering, and promoting products and services. With the permission of the customer, you can assist the customer’s online sales work as an Agent.

  • Responding to a buying request via quotation form.

C. Promotion and exposure for customers

  • Registered users and followers of CN1699 are mostly medical practitioners. This promotes precise marketing to precise audience.
  • The underlying architectural technology of the CN1699.COM platform enables customers’ news contents to be quickly included in search engines and  displayed in top ranking results.
  • The customers published contents are shared to C2C channels through the CN1699 B2B platform, then forwarded by each media partner to every social media circles. This would then form a rapid distribution of contents which then improves click exposure.
  • CN1699 social pages distributing news and updates to followers.

A. Though your development in this industry for over one to two years, you would be able to accumulate more customers and expand your contacts. Once you have accumulated enough customers through your years spent in your own workshop in this industry, you would have the ability cooperate more with CN1699. 

  • Product creation forms supporting submitting products to E-shop.

  • The CN1699 E-shop

B. Offer high quality and cost-effective services to high level members:

  1. After you have developed into an agency, you would then be able to open an e-shop that retails products from your customers on the CN1699 platform.
  2. After you have gained local hospitals customers, “CN1699 Our Business” could then provide you with more services to complete global procurement.
  3. Customers who are hospital workers, especially doctors, would have demand in publishing academic papers to publishing mediums with high impact factors. The Cn1699 Thesis platform supports these needs in publishing services. Additionally, this would support you to provide service to customers needing the same service (publishing services) thus giving you the opportunity to accumulate high-end network resources.
  • CN1699 Medical Papers

  • Social CN1699 – Business Pages