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Medicalpapers.cn1699.com, or cn1699 for short, is a one-stop paper publishing platform that connects 3000 + SCI medical papers and open journals around the world with API.

  • The system has key protection starting from submission;
  • Inquiry, selection, submission, review and release;
  • Compliance transfer and distribution of paper version are supported by SCI journal publishers;
  • Additional services: multilingual translation and embellishment of papers;
  • Subjects include: medicine, biology, life sciences, clinical, pharmaceutical chemistry, medical ethics and other 130 + categories.
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Sustainable innovation and become a globally respected medical service provider.

To promote the development of global medical undertakings.

  • Customer first
  • Ownership
  • Win trust
  • Implement unity, collaboration, sharing and shared responsibility
  • Advocating positive and optimistic work action
  • Innovating and simplification
  • Achieving the great result
What CN1699’s responsibilities to the following companies/professionals are:
Medical University

Support searching papers for General and sub-accounts, published multi-channel open access to papers and articles


Verifies showroom, and provides CRM management, has high effect rank in Google search, multi-channel promotion and Google search ranking

Buyer and Trading Companies

Smart Publishing buyer requirement, bidding, match OEM/ODM with factory

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Single pages and gather in hospital list, promoting characteristics with details, guide cooperation in tourism medical treatment

Doctors and Professionals

Multi-channel that supports the publishing of papers and articles, a showroom where you can save articles/papers for free

Medical Association

Offers discounts for General and sub-accounts of group members

Exhibition and Conferences

Media barter, advertising promotion, introducing speakers


Sharing timely news and distributing information, and supporting the search of both sides


A page lists the scope of services, links to cooperating hospitals in order to guide the services- oriented of groups and personal

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